What Is Hair Transplantation?

Throughout history, hair has been seen as one of the symbols of health and beauty for both men and women. Today, it maintains its importance for everyone who pays attention to their appearance. For this reason, as a result of thinning and shedding hair, loss of self-confidence and accompanying psychological problems become inevitable. memorial Hair loss problems are left behind with advanced technology and modern methods applied in the Health Group Hair Transplantation Center.

What are the causes of hair loss?

As a person ages, the tissues in his body also age. Also called hair roots included . In other words, hair follicles age over time. Sometimes, hair loss occurs before the body gets old yet. This may happen due to various reasons. There are reasons such as anemia, zinc deficiency, magnesium deficiency, which lead to hair loss, especially in women. For this reason, if the hair loss is treated before the causes of hair loss are investigated and treated, a temporary success is achieved, but the shedding continues. For this reason, the problem that causes hair loss should be eliminated first and then hair transplantation treatment should be started. There is no need for such a preparation for male pattern hair loss. Hair loss in men is usually caused by the genetic code, that is, the hereditary factor. For this reason, the best solution after the shedding starts is to start the treatment directly. The treatment process in female pattern hair loss is a process that should be kept under the supervision of a doctor and under control. Other than these, hair loss can also be caused by issues such as hormones, diet and stress.

Is there any preparation process before the hair transplant operation?

There are some protocols for women and men before the hair transplant operation. At the beginning of these applications to make the treatment more efficient, “PRP – Growth factor” combinations is coming. Besides mesotherapy applications can be added. However, the most preferred “PRP – Growth factor is . Since hair follicles are cell tissues that move very slowly and heal slowly, it is not possible to benefit from performing these procedures 1-2 times. Ideally, it is recommended to do 10 sessions and every 15 days. In addition, it is important to follow the process well and regularly. It costs patients a total of 5 months. Sessions are respectively one PRP, one Growth is implemented as Body repairman in PRP session thrombocyte While the cells repair the damaged system in the hair tissue, Growth In the session, the food needed for this repair is produced. In other words, the process is completed with one repair and one feeding sessions. Hair loss process in men continues until the age of 35 to 40 on average. Because it causes weakening and loss of hair dihydrotestosterone The effect of the hormone decreases after the age of 40 on average. For example, if a 35-year-old patient is treated and the shedding problem is kept under control until the age of 40, the permanence of the treatment is ensured since it will not shed after the age of 40. Thickened hair with treatment is much less likely to shed than weakened hair. In addition, in male patients dihydrotestosterone Medicines are also used to rejuvenate the hair follicle by reducing the activity of the hormone on the hair root.

Basic stages of hair transplantation

Basically there are 2 methods in hair transplantation. First FUT called an ancient methodis. In this method, a skin graft taken from the donor area by cutting, was stitched in the area. This method is not used in Turkey for many years. Nowadays the method that is used FUI method is called. FUI method there are 3 sections. In the first stage, the rear micromotor with the help of a donor alaNin alinmaktad roots from the punchr. In the second stage of the roots yerlestirile acilmaktad channels to ther. In the third stage , while the roots of the Blood receivedare placed one by one in centuries.

How does the process work in the anesthesia phase?

Before the procedure local anesthesia Normally, an injection is made to the head area of the patients. memorial At Health Group Hair Transplantation Center dermojet called pressure local the back of the head thanks to devices It is numbed without the use of a needle. In addition, patients with needle phobia can be completely put to sleep, that is, the procedure can be performed under general anesthesia.

Does the hair need to be shaved completely?

There may be patients who do not want their hair to be shaved before the procedure. Sometimes there are patients who do not want to cut their hair that they have grown for years, and sometimes there are patients who want the hair transplant procedure not to be obvious by their surroundings. In some patient groups who are suitable after the examination, transplanting is performed without shaving. However, after the examination, experts decide whether the patient is suitable for this.

What is the place of stem cell method in hair transplantation?

With the stem cell method, the damaged hair follicles in the hair tissue can be reawakened and activated. The body's repair cells are stem cells. Advanced PRP process to stem cell method version it can be tried. Stem cells in the fat taken from the body's fat tissue such as belly and back are separated. Then, it is applied to the hair tissue and the transplantation process is performed. In this process, the revitalization, nutrition and presence of the hair follicle in the tissue becomes much healthier and more efficient.

Common Hair Transplant Techniques and Methods

Choi pens can be used. Roots are placed inside the pens. The team of this process is different. choi With the pen, the tissue is entered with the pen without opening the channel, the root is left there and exited. In other words, the root is transplanted in one go. fue In the process, the roots are taken first, then the channels where the roots will be placed are sapphire. slit opens with. Then, the expert team entered these channels opened by the doctor, with a special hairy tip. with forceps places one by one. In standard root transplantation, that is, in the DHI technique, the roots are taken, choi It is placed inside the pens, without opening a channel, the pen is entered according to the direction and angle of the patient's hair, leaving the root and exiting.

Which patients are more suitable for which hair transplant methods?

The methods are applied individually. fue The technique is a very general method that can be applied to almost everyone. DHI may not be suitable for everyone, for example, the patient's area to be transplanted is very large and donor if restricted to DHI not suitable. DHI is mostly used in hair tightening operations. It is also preferred by women. Although a small number of roots are transplanted with DHI, it is a long and laborious process. It should be done by the doctor himself and his team of specialists.

Are there any special methods that do not show that hair transplantation has been done and that provide naturalness?

Sapphire as insert in seeding slit Materials called very special and fast healing of the patient's tissue are used. These three-dimensional ends; It minimizes tissue damage, provides rapid healing, and thanks to these tips, the direction of the hairs can be determined much more easily. Thus, naturalness is provided in a way that it is not obvious that it is a transplant after the operation.

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