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Hair Transplant Cost UK

Hair Transplant Cost UK

What is the cost of a hair transplant in the UK? One of the most popular aesthetic procedures is hair transplantation. We cannot ignore the impact of social media on aesthetic issues. People who are experiencing hair loss frequently look for the cost of hair transplants in England. One of the topics that people search for the most on Google is “hair transplant cost UK”!


The process offers a long-term, more affordable alternative to finasteride, minoxidil, and hair fibers for treating hair loss. After a while, wearing wigs (hair systems) becomes tiresome. More than 1 million men undergo hair transplants each year, making men the most popular demographic.


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Every country has its own hair transplant pricing structure.

The majority of hair transplant clinics in the UK charge by the graft. Depending on the clinic used, the cost of a hair transplant in the UK can range from £2.5 to £5 per graft.


In the UK, that translates to costs ranging from £7.500 to £15.000 for 3.000 grafts or from £10.000 to £20.000 for 4.000 grafts. Additionally, you can pay around £30.000 for 3.000 grafts at some specific facilities.


For most people, it can be difficult to cover these expenses. So it’s best for these folks to meet their end? Actually, no; ISTANBUL, the capital of Turkey, offers high-quality hair transplants at reasonable prices.


What is the price of a hair transplant in the UK?


Of course, it’s important to know the cost of your hair transplant before taking a plane to another nation. The majority of UK clinics provide all-inclusive packages to their foreign patients. 


This means that regardless of the number of grafts, you will pay the agreed-upon price for the procedure. Depending on the clinic you select, the cost of a hair transplant in the UK ranges from £1.300 to £2.000.


What does 3000 hair grafts in the UK cost?


In England, a 3000 graft hair transplant is suggested. This will prevent over-plucking of the donor hair and speed up the healing process. The most grafts we can apply during a single procedure is 3,000. The UK typically pays between £4,500 and £7,000 for this.


How much is 500 hair grafts UK?

The typical cost of a hair transplant is from $4,000 to $15,000. The cost can vary significantly.


How much does 1500 hair grafts UK?


One element that contributes to the cost of a hair transplant is the amount of grafts needed; 1,500 grafts would cost between £5,000 and £8,000.


How much does 5000 hair grafts cost UK?


The typical cost of the procedure will be roughly £22,250 if our surgical team or doctor determines that you are a good candidate for a high volume hair transplant. This is based on the £5.25 average price per graft in the UK.


How much does 2000 hair grafts cost UK?


2000 hair grafts are about equivalent to 5000 hair strands when it comes to hair transplantation. 


The cost of 2000 grafts ranges from €1,500 to €4,500. On the other hand, as the majority of hair transplant clinics offer all-inclusive packages for maximum grafts transplantation, the cost of a 2000 hair graft hair transplant in Turkey will not be much different from a 4000 hair graft hair transplant or a 3000 hair graft hair transplant.


Why is a hair transplant less expensive in Turkey than the United Kingdom?


“What’s the catch?” is a common question. Is it not too good to be true that you can fly and obtain high-quality, brand-new hair for only a third of the cost? No catch exists. Because of the imbalance between the British Pound and the Turkish Lira, hair transplants are less expensive than in the UK. Additionally, because medical tourism plays a significant economic role, the Turkish government encourages facilities that accept patients from other countries.


Is cost the only factor contributing to Turkey’s reputation for hair transplants?


Turkey is renowned for hair transplants because of the outstanding and natural results that their doctors produce, not because of the cost. Istanbul is home to some of the top doctors, and Turkish hair transplant facilities have long changed the game. Internationally famous clinics are located in Istanbul. In every corner of the globe, you can run into people promoting the facility where they received their transplant in Istanbul.


For the past 25 years, medicine has been the nation’s primary concern. People travel to Turkey for hair transplants and major procedures from all over the world because it has sophisticated hospitals with trained surgeons who use a multidisciplinary approach with each patient.


The number of medical tourism has expanded due to more people utilizing the internet and conducting online searches, and the nation is attempting to boost its share to assist the economy.


Can I plan a trip before getting a hair transplant?


The majority of Brits select for their summer vacation location. Why not reserve a wonderful vacation that is significantly less expensive than in most other nations before your transplant? It offers a variety of vacation options; you can take in Istanbul’s historic heritage, swim in azure waters, or even get lost in lush forests. All-inclusive packages are also available at affordable costs in Turkish hotels.


British hair transplants


Turkish clinics are listed on websites for those looking for hair transplant clinics in the UK. Turkey is the most popular location for cosmetic procedures, particularly hair transplants, among UK residents.


About 20 years ago, medical travel for ophthalmic procedures began between the UK and Turkey. 


At the conclusion of their holidays, groups started scheduling their careers and laser eye surgery.


Now, many people choose Turkey each year for procedures including hair transplants, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty. Some patients even pick Turkey for their cancer treatment because of the country’s cutting-edge medical facilities and professional staff.


Is the only factor influencing people’s decision to have their hair transplant in Turkey the price difference?


It is no secret that a hair transplant in Turkey costs less than one in the UK. The currency exchange rates between the two nations are to blame for the price discrepancy. 


Additionally, the Turkish government strongly encourages medical travel and grants various benefits to hospitals and clinics that treat patients from abroad.

Therefore, even when you factor in airfare, it is still significantly less expensive than the UK. 


But there are other factors at play when so many people select Turkey, which over the past 20 years has developed into the global center for hair transplantation. Istanbul is home to some of the greatest surgeons in this profession. For this reason, more than a million patients from over the world travel to Istanbul each year to receive transplants.


What is the price of a hair transplant in Turkey?

Turkey vs. the UK for hair transplant

The majority of nations charge per graft for hair transplant procedures. For instance, if a clinic charges 3 GBP or 3 Euros per graft, you would pay 9.000 GBP or Euros for 3000 grafts. The majority of Turkish clinics provide all-inclusive packages that cover transportation, lodging, medical care, and required prescriptions. As a result, there are never any surprises when it comes to prices.


Turkish clinics have a lot of experience working with many grafts that have a good rate of survival. As a result, clinics in other nations would offer you two or more sessions to get the desired coverage, whereas you can have it in only one.


Turkish clinics charge between 1.300 and 2.500 GBP for hair transplants.


Turkish Medicine Top Doctors for Hair Transplants

In recent years, Turkish physicians’ names have begun to be known on a global scale. It is no accident that a Turkish couple, zlem Türeci and Uur Ahin, created one of the first and most successful Covid-19 vaccinations.


In the US, Dr. Mehmet Z is well-known. The success of Aziz Sancar’s work in mending human DNA earned him the 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. You can read articles every year about how many accomplished surgeons carry out impossible operations in cutting-edge facilities.


Some of the most effective and top hair transplant doctors are based in Istanbul, Turkey, because to improvements in medical education and research. These surgeons founded some of the most well-known clinics in the world and successfully treat numerous patients each year.


Vacations In Turkey 


Turkey is a multicultural, unique nation that serves as a bridge between the West and the East. You can go on an adventure in Istanbul’s packed streets and revel in the incredible nightlife, or you can simply appreciate the thousands of years of history in museums. Or perhaps you just need to unwind in the azure Mediterranean or Aegean Seas.



The UK population loves to travel to Turkey for vacations. In the summer, 90% of UK inhabitants reside in some towns. The majority of the signboards, including those for Robin Hood, Greenwith Watch Center, London, Liverpool, and Chelsea, are in English. Even your lunch may be purchased with GBP, and you can get change in GBP. Therefore, it won’t come as a surprise if you find your neighbor wandering along the Aegean Sea.



There are numerous attractive 5-star hotels that provide all-inclusive packages that include food and limitless alcoholic beverages. You can have fun without worrying about going over budget.


Dr Kaya Clinic in Istanbul



One of the most well-known hair transplant clinics in the Turkey  is Dr Kaya Clinic. 90% of the clinic’s clients are from the UK or Ireland. It is one of the most well-known hair transplant facilities among those seeking a procedure in the Turkey. The clinic’s knowledgeable staff will assist you every single day of your quest to develop into a true gentleman.



As soon as you interact with our amiable and knowledgeable team, you will be able to tell that you are in good hands. In addition to our three doctors who speak English, our English-speaking interpreters will help you overcome the language barrier.



You’ll feel like you’re the first person to visit an operating room. We put a lot of work into keeping our rooms clean. After being cleaned with specialized disinfectants, every chamber is sterilized by UV lamps during the entire night.



All-Inclusive Packages at Dr Kaya Clinic includes:



-Airport and hotel to clinic transfers

-Accommodations in a hotel with a 5- or 4-star rating based on your package preferences.

-Preliminary advice and blood testing

-Medical advice and true planning

-DHI or FUE Sapphire

-Needless Anesthesia if you Choose


-Bag with all the required supplies and aftercare medications


-PCR analyses (if required)


-18 months of aftercare


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